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YLT Freeze Out Games

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February 12, 2022

This is a family-friendly event! Adults and youth can participate in fun (some might say silly) events including a polar plunge, strategy exercises, and a foot race.  On teams of four, people compete to be the first ones in the water at Camp Augustine.  Costumes are encouraged and make the event even better.

Don't forget to grab a skate pass!
A "skate pass" can be used to skip 1 relay event. Buy online or at check-in.

Relay Events

  • Eating Contest

    1 team member must quickly finish a breakfast item.

  • Team Activity: Sled Pull
  • Team Activity: Twisted Target

    All team members must hit

  • 1.5 Mile Run

    1 team member must run approximately 1.5 miles in the woods of Camp Augustine.

  • Team Activity: Brain Freeze

    All team members must chug a frozen beverage and do ten jumping jacks.

  • Tomahawk Throw

    1 team member must hit the target with a tomahawk.

  • Team Activity: Frozen T-Shirt

    All team members must thaw a t-shirt and have 1 team member put on the t-shirt.

  • Polar Plunge

    1 team member must submerge into the waters at Camp Augustine.

Proceeds from the YLT Freeze Out Games benefit the Youth Leadership Tomorrow program, including their philanthropic grant to an area nonprofit. Throughout the year, students work in small groups at a nonprofit, build on leadership and communication skills, as well as learn about our community. 

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