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Youth Leadership Tomorrow

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The mission of Youth Leadership Tomorrow is to provide community education and leadership development training to high school students through experiential learning activities that connect youth to their community and inspire them to be problem solvers, decision makers, and future leaders in our community.

In 1999, the Youth Leadership Tomorrow began after a series of community initiatives identified the need for robust and interactive leadership development opportunities for Hall County youth.  Activities focus on introducing high-school juniors from the seven Hall County high schools to organizations and leaders who are models of outstanding leadership, while building their leadership skills that are needed in our schools, communities and organizations.

Youth who are given the opportunity to learn about the history of their community have higher levels of pride and ownership of their community, are more connected to their hometown, and are more likely to be involved community members. Youth Leadership Tomorrow fosters this understanding of Hall County and highlights the valuable contributors to success that are sharing their talents already so that these young leaders see a place for themselves in Hall County.

Additionally, students are developing many of the key skills of effective leaders.  The program focuses on communicating effectively, working with others, representing others as a leader, problem solving, networking, developing plans, working with city officials, asking thoughtful questions, celebrating successes and giving back to the community.  Each class also selects, plans for and implements a service project together.

Tuition for the program is $350 per student. Scholarships are available. Please contact the Leadership Tomorrow office for details.